Company Profile

GMA Hydrology, Inc. is committed to the development and implementation of projects that improve and restore the natural environment.  GMA is noted for technically sound management and restoration plans for rivers, estuaries and watersheds, and provides expertise and consulting services over a full range of hydrologic, geomorphic, and geospatial services.  Our staff of physical scientists has extensive experience in hydrologic and hydraulic data collection and analyses, computer modeling, sediment transport, and the design and construction of stream and watershed restoration projects. Sediment budget development and sediment transport monitoring and data analysis are two of our specialties. These skills are particularly relevant to projects located in areas where sediment issues are paramount: (1) downstream of dams and dam-removal projects; (2) in severely degraded reaches, such as those impacted by instream mining; (3) reaches influenced by upland sediment discharge; (4) in restored reaches or reaches undergoing restoration; and (5) in critical fish habitat or near passage barriers.

GMA recognizes the primary importance of field work and field data collection in understanding and modeling hydrologic systems.  To optimize our client’s investment in fieldwork we have assembled an extensive collection of state of the art hydrologic and geomorphic data collection equipment, as well the most modern robotic and GPS terrestrial and bathymetric survey equipment.  GMA has designed unique equipment and has developed the capabilities to perform detailed hydrographic surveys, hydrologic and sediment data collection in many types of rivers. 

Our clients include federal, state, and local agencies, tribal organizations, non-government organizations and private industry. Using our diverse abilities, we have customized our approach to data acquisition and analysis which enables us to produce the highest quality products for our clients.

Three of our projects have received significant awards:  the Wood River Project received the Grand Environmental Achievement Award from the International Erosion Control Association in 2003, the Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project received a Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) in 2006, and the Angora Creek Stream Environment Zone Restoration Project was awarded 2007 Project of the Year by APWA in the $2-10 million category.  Most recently in 2010, Graham Matthews was awarded the Restorationist of the Year by the Salmonid Restoration Federation.