Green River Hydrographic Data Collection

19-ft jet boat and 8-Channel Sonar Sweep System
19-ft jet boat and 8-Channel Sonar Sweep System
  • 19-ft jet boat and 8-Channel Sonar Sweep System
  • 2014 Digital Terrain Model of Detailed Survey Area
  • 19-ft jet boat set up with ADCP, GPS, and sediment sampling equipment

In April 2014, GMA Hydrology, Inc. (formerly Graham Matthews and Associates) was contracted by the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) to acquire conventional and sonar survey data, acoustic Doppler velocity data, and suspended sediment samples at 3 project reaches on the Middle Green River in North Eastern Utah.  GMA, along with David Waterman, University of Illinois, made three trips to the study area between April and June of 2014.  The data were collected to support a larger study designed to determine the role of peak river flows on the formation of sandbars and associated backwater habitats.

The sonar surveys were conducted using a portable multi-channel sonar sweep system.  The system was deployed in an 8-channel configuration with 1-meter spacing from a 5.8-meter Alumaweld jet boat.  Sweep surveys were conducted in open water areas that were accessible with the jet boat and had depths greater than 0.5 meters. Wading surveys were conducted in areas that were not accessible during the boat based surveys.  In general, these areas included shallow water areas (depth < 0.5 m) and emergent sand bars.  The wading surveys were conducted using a Trimble R8 Model 3 GNSS rover.