Project in October 2000 at the end of the construction season.  About one-half of the project area was revegetated with wetland transplants from other portions of the property.
October 2000 - end of construction season

Winner of the 2007 Oregon State Land Board Wetland Project of the Year Award

The Williamson River Restoration Project is a project of The Nature Conservancy and a number of public and private partners.  Goals of the project include restoration of ecological form, function, and composition for the Lower Williamson River within the property boundaries to provide improved habitat for all native species of the Upper Klamath basin both terrestrial and aquatic, with a focus on threatened and endangered fisheries resources and improved water quality for streamflow entering the lake.

Given the complexity of planning, permitting, and implementing a comprehensive restoration project on almost 8000 acres of the Williamson River delta, it was recognized that early implementation of several near-term projects could provide immediate fisheries habitat benefits, and provide feedback on how they may need to be modified for improved success as part of the overall project.  Construction began in 2000 with a pilot project involving removal of 3400 feet of levee to re-create a historic meander bend with associated wetland and riparian complexes. 

The Nature Conservancy retained GMA to develop the project design, provide technical information during the environmental review and permitting process, provide construction management services, and prepare as-built surveys.  Construction cost of the Year 2000 Project was $618,000, which was lower than the original cost estimate.  The project was completed on schedule in a 2-month instream construction window.  GMA provided all construction management services during project implementation.  Design, permitting support, construction management, and as-built survey fees were $105,000.  This is the first phase of a project that will ultimately restore the lower 4 miles of the Williamson River with an estimated total cost of $12,000,000.