Geomorphic Assessment and Monitoring

GMA Hydrology performs detailed geomorphic assessments and provides ongoing monitoring of fluvial systems to assess existing conditions, evaluate project performance and make predictions to guide subsequent management actions. GMA’s approach to geomorphology integrates the disciplines of hydrology, geology, sediment transport monitoring and surveying to investigate complex geomorphic phenomena. 

Geomorphic investigations are applied when the objective is to understand the evolving landscape against the backdrop of governing physical, chemical, biological and anthropogenic processes. Example project-types include: channel and floodplain restoration, gravel injection, sediment budgets, spawning habitat assessment, watershed assessment, sediment source inventories, exotic species invasion, spawning gravel suitability studies, and various erosion related issues. 

Services Include

  • Installation and operation of monitoring stations for streamflow and other hydrologic and climatic parameters
  • Streamflow measurements and discharge rating curves;
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) for discharge, velocity profiling, and bathymetric surveys
  • Sediment transport: suspended sediment and bedload
  • Remote sensing mapping and interpretation
  • Computer modeling and analysis of open channel, riverine, wetland and estuarine systems using 1-d and 2-d models
  • Computer modeling and analysis of hydrologic systems, including terrain analysis utilizing © ESRI ArcMap 10.2 software