Stream Restoration

GMA Hydrology has twenty years of experience in the design and construction of stream restoration projects. Our project approach involves the restoration of channel form and function in accordance with sound geomorphic principles. The firm has worked on stream and watershed restoration designs in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho. The scope of many of our restoration projects is quite broad; many phases of work on various projects have been in the $1-3 million construction cost range.

GMA believes in restoration of process as the key element of restoring self sustaining natural systems. While we understand that not all processes can be restored, we strive to develop strategies that will provide the driving forces which allow a restored system to function as if unimpaired. We clearly define restoration targets, collect empirical data to understand systems and develop strategies to work within identified constraints. We predict the risks and outcomes of designs and focus on restoring the processes that result in self-sustaining projects. Whenever possible, we use soft techniques such as bio-engineered features that provide desired results using natural solutions.

Services Include

  • Development of stream restoration projects emphasizing geomorphic considerations and bio-technical design elements and re-establishment of native riparian vegetation;
  • Complete package of restoration assessment and design, from conception through construction and monitoring;
  • Detailed survey of project sites including; terrestrial and bathymetric surveys, as well as integration of LiDAR datasets and bathymetry;
  • On occasion we have completed environmental documents for projects;
  • Development of contract specifications for bid documents;
  • Obtaining required permits: State, Federal and local; and
  • Construction management, inspection, documentation, project monitoring, and as-built surveys.