Surface Water Data Collection and Analysis

GMA Hydrology designs, builds, and operates a wide variety of streamflow and water quality monitoring stations. GMA uses a USGS style approach to surface water data collection and analysis.  GMA specializes in working in remote and difficult to access areas and is capable of running surface water programs on small streams and large rivers alike. We collect surface water data utilizing numerous methodologies including: conventional wading and bridge techniques; bank operated cableways; and highly specialized cataraft and boat based measuring platforms. GMA is committed to using state of the art equipment and technology such as Doppler current profilers for both boat based measurements and in situ applications, AquaCalc Streamflow Computers for streamflow measurements, and the WISKI time series management database for surface water computations.

All surface water data collected by GMA is entered and processed in the Kisters WISKI Suite of Software. WISKI is a comprehensive hydrologic information processing software package that runs on the SQL server relational database platform. WISKI includes complete USGS compatible surface water computational routines as well as standardized reports.

Services Include

  • Surface water data collection program development and management
  • Surface water gaging station installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Streamflow data collection; wading, bridge, and boat based
  • Calibration and rating curve development
  • Gaging station levels
  • Surface water record computations (USGS Standards)
  • Surface water records review
  • Water quality data collection; wading, bridge, and boat based
  • Velocity profile data collection for calibration of hydraulic, sediment transport, and fish habitat models
  • Computation and evaluation of water budgets